Mission Statement & Philosophy

Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

Mountain Park Academy is a Learning Center strives to provide a progressive learning environment for early childhood education through a structured learning programs that allow and promote children to learn by discovering, creating, and exploring using their senses to  cultivate their potential as individuals.

Our Philosophy

We believe children are individuals whose strengths and gifts should be valued and nurtured. Children should be active participants in their learning, and their natural curiosity cultivated. This is best achieved through a hands-on, discovery-based approach to learning. We believe that this approach provides children with the flexibility to research, inquire about, and reflect on the world around them.

“With the genuine warmth, individually-tailored learning, and dedication to every little person’s success, we have found a home away from home at Mountain Park Academy and Learning Center.

We believe in strong partnership between families and committed educators with an ideal early learning environment consisting of opportunities for children to explore, create, solve problems, and collaborate with others.


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