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Please note that for the past 12 years we have been honored to run our school a Kids R Kids franchise and we are not operated as Mountain Park Academy & Learning Center. We have been blessed to have the most wonderful teachers and that makes us the best in the area. We are proud of our re-invented school and welcome you to come in for a tour.

Glad we found Mountain Park Academy!

I cannot recommend Mountain Park Academy highly enough! My 18 months old daughter has been attending this daycare for several months now, and I am continually impressed by the level of care and attention that she receives.

The staff at Mountain Park Academy are some of the most caring and nurturing individuals I have ever met. They truly go above and beyond to create a warm, welcoming environment where children can learn, play, and grow. I feel completely confident leaving my daughter in their care each day, knowing that she is in the best possible hands.

The facilities at Mountain Park are top-notch, with a wide range of age-appropriate toys, games, and activities available for the children to enjoy. My daughter always comes home happy and exhausted from a day filled with fun and learning.

Overall, I cannot recommend Mountain Park Academy highly enough. If you are looking for a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment for your child, this is the place to be. Thank you to Harry & the wonderful staff at Mountain Park for everything you do! – Truong Mai

My Daughter loves to come to Mountain Park Academy!

This is by far one of the best childcare providers my child and I have encountered. They are CLEAN, friendly, and caring. They have real and genuine relationships with the children and you can feel the love they have for each and every one of them. My child has shown so much growth not just in learning but socially also. Thanks to the Patels and staff!  – Te’Anna Price

Great infant room program – Nice Teachers

I am happy to say that our experience at Mountain Park Academy was extraordinary! We brought our newborn son last year and they treated him so kindly. Although he is no longer matriculating there, I commend the staff for their attention and love for my child. I will also say, I saw the owners Harry and Sunita on a daily basis and their professionalism and passion for the children were exceptional. I recommend this school very highly! – Charlie Charoenlap

Prepared for Elementary School – Private Pre-K

We sent our child to Private Pre-K at Mountain Park Academy to get her ready for Kindergarten the upcoming year.  The Patels were very kind and the experience was great!  They really were able to prepare our child for Kindergarten and she has really excelled even though she is one of the youngest kids in her class.  We would highly recommend Mountain Park to anyone. – Jan 2016


I love my daycare!

We are a foster family and every time I have a new placement we use Mountain Park Academy for our kids.  I hate that I have to leave them in daycare at all.  I want to keep them all day!  Since that’s not an option for our family, I really believe there is no better place to get help in raising great kids!  The staff always works with us and our kids to make sure that the kids have great care and a healthy environment to learn and grow.  One concrete way we know that the place is awesome is their low employee turn over.  Some of their employees have been there for many years!  We have used all the different aged classrooms over the years – infant room with a new born through elementary after school care.  I cannot give a higher recommendation!  We love Mountain Park Academy and the Patel Family leadership. – Elaine Shreve


Great Experience

My son has been attending Mountain Park Academy for a few months and it has been a great experience! He loves the teachers and staff. They provide a structured, nurturing, and loving environment. The center is always very clean and we love the glass wall/windows throughout the facility. We have also seen a great improvement in his learning since he started.

We highly recommend Mountain Park Academy and Learning Center to parents looking for childcare!

– Happy Parents -Oct 2015

Great place!

Our 2 older children started going to before and after care at Mountain Park Academy. They loved the teachers and interacting with the other kids. The teachers took the time to help them with their schoolwork after school every day. We had a family emergency and needed to immediately put our youngest daughter into daycare as well. The staff at Mountain Park Academy had no problem working with our ever changing schedule. Knowing the kids were welcome and happy at Mountain Park Academy helped the ease the transition. Our youngest daughter has attended school there for almost a year and she still loves it. Every day she says hello to everyone and jumps from my arms to give her teachers hugs. She is almost 2 and is learning the alphabet, colors, shapes, animals and more. Mountain Park Academy is well run and the teachers are awesome. We are thankful to find a place that we all love so much. – Ms. Feeley


Home away from Home
My daughter has been with Kids R Kids since she was 2. She loves the teachers and believes them to be an extension of our family. I have a great rapport with her teachers, the school owners, and even the parents of many of the children.
They take care to ensure the foods are fresh and natural – adhering to family preferences – as many children come from strict diets and may be vegetarians. I love the experience my daughter has had at the school as well – educationally and recreationally. She will be well prepared to begin kindergarten next year. I plan to find a school nearby so she can still take part in before/after care.

Could Not Be Happier!
We transferred from another daycare and thought it was how all daycare environments were….complete pandemonium!! While we now wish we had make the change sooner, we are so relieved knowing that our son is being held to the same behavior standards as at school and home. Having his homework finished when he comes home is big help for a household where both parents work!! It is so nice to be greeted by the owners every time we go in and know that they are available to answer any questions we may have. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and we appreciate how they make an effort to really know us and our child. We would gladly recommend this KRK to anyone looking for a safe, qualified, care center with strong values!
Happy Parents

Quality + loving care
We are so thankful we have Kids R Kids! The teachers that are with our Sofia (now 18 months old) are loving, kind, patient, and attentive! Every time I walk in, they are engaging, teaching, or happily playing with the children. I truly feel like they know my daughter, inside and out, and I feel so good leaving her in such capable hands while we’re at work. In addition, the owners, Harry & Sunita are always present and available to hear any questions or concerns you may have. They have also been highly flexible and understanding with any scheduling issues we have had. Overall, we love KRK, and would strongly recommend it to any family!
Jenny D.

Great start for the School years
We enrolled our son into the Kids ‘R’ Kids Pre-K program to get him prepared for his Kindergarten and school years ahead since he will be one of the youngest in his class. We have been more than impressed with this facility since he started here. We love the open environment of how every class can be seen and the staff is always friendly with a big smile and hello. It is very obvious that Harry and Sunita, the owners of the facility, take great pride in their ownership and are very involved with the kids and the parents. We feel very rest assured that our son is getting a great education in preparation for school and is very well taken care of while he is there every day. We highly recommend Kids ‘R’ Kids #10 and our son is very happy there, which is very important to us.
Rachel D. GA

I first loved this school because of the convenience. I live in Lilburn and it is 5 minutes from my house. What is even more appealing is I know my daughter is in good hands. She is 8 months old and adjusted well when we brought her into the infant program. Mr. Harry and Ms. Sunita are highly experienced, and you know they care for each child. A parent recommended this school to me and I am happy to recommend it to another family. I fell confident my baby was given the love and care she needs from the qualified teachers and staff.

Great School
There are a couple of things I particularly like about his day care. One, Mr. Patel, the owner, is always aware of every thing going on with his staff and all of the kids. The seven glassed classrooms, lending transparency to classroom and child-care activities, also helps create a safe environment.
Proud Mommy – GA

Love it.
Kids R Kids #10 on Old Tucker Rd is my vote. My 3 year old son has been there for almost 2 yrs and is learning so much. The academics they teach are awesome and the teachers go above and beyond. The Patels are always there, engaged, knowledgeable and ready to answer any questions. Honestly this is the 1st daycare my kids have been to where the owner is there every day and knows all of the children and parents. I have two older children ages 8 and 12 that also love to attend. The summer program is fantastic too! You can`t go wrong with this daycare!!
Melody – GA

Finally a Peach of Mind
After looking at several pre-schools in this area, my wife and I selected Kids R Kids on Old Tucker Road. In fact, of the 4 Kids R Kids in this area, #10 is by far the nicest, cleanest facility. All the staff, know all the children as do the owners. My child was in the 3yr program last year and this year in the Private Pre-k program and I concur with the other parent, this is an incredible program.
Proud Daddy – GA

Best in the Area
Kids R Kids has been an absolute blessing for my 4-year old! They are caring and keep her engaged with great fun activities and exceptional teaching. The pre-K program is much better than a previous one she attended in the area, my daughter is doing multiplication, division, reading and sight words! I love the diversity of the school as well.
Avery – AK

Exceptional Program
Kids R Kids #10 ~ the environment is exceptionally clean and the school offers great opportunity for kids of all ages. The owners are hands on and truly are vested in the care of the children that attend. The pre-k program was exceptional in preparing our son for Kindergarten & he cannot wait until summer camp again this year at Kids R Kids.
Helen – GA

Private Pre-K
I highly recommend this school and have known the owners for over 8 years when I enrolled my now 8 year old. Now my 8 year old goes there for after school care and my 4 year old is in pre-K. They offer quality education balanced with fun activities.
Kimbela Randal – GA

Wonderful Program
Kids R Kids is my vote! Its the cleanest and safest daycare I`ve used and we`ve tried three in the area. The teachers are wonderful and the owner, Harry, is absolutely professional and runs a top notch program! I`m pleased to have my toddler enrolled and will, in a few short weeks, enroll an infant.
Carra Greer – GA

Friendly Staff
Not only does my toddler love to come to school, this school has the friendliest staff. We love all the teachers and front desk staff. Clean school and to be honest a very nice learning program.
Ms. Kay – GA

Boys love school!
We now have our three boys enrolled at KRK #10 (infant, 2 year old and pre-k) and could not be happier with all of the staff. Ms. Ann, Ms. Khatoon, Ms. Jessica, Ms. Rose, Ms. Carol, Ms. Dona – all are great and our boys love coming to “school” everyday.
C. Taylor – GA

Very impressed!
I have two children at KRK #10 and they both love it. My daughter is in the 3 year old class and can already write her name and knows many of her letters and numbers. My son, who has Down syndrome, is doing very well in his class and everyone is cheering him on and doing whatever they can to help him developmentally. I highly recommend it.
J. Sheran – GA

A huge step above the rest!!
My daughter has attended Kids R Kids for almost three years and recently graduated from Ms. Laura`s Pre-K class this Spring. Enrolling her in the private pre-K instead of one of the many other GA-funded pre-K classes was one of the best decisions we ever made! When talking with friends who have children my daughter`s age it amazes me how far ahead she is, and I feel she is better prepared for elementary school. My daughter absolutely LOVES Ms. Laura! Although she is excited about her upcoming Kindergarten adventure, she`s a bit sad that she will have to leave KRK. Ms. Laura is a true gem of a teacher who makes learning exciting and motivates the children to give it their best everyday. She is just part of the wonderful staff who treat all the kids as if they are part of a family. I highly recommend this truly top-notch center!
K. White – GA

Wonderful School, Wonderful Teachers
Our son has attended KRK since he was 3. He`s now 5 and graduated from Mrs. Laura`s Pre-K class. What a great school! We are amazed and impressed by how much he has learned. The facility is spotless (none of that “daycare” smell a parent dreads), the staff is friendly & nurturing and the education level is superior. His Pre-K teacher Mrs. Laura is the BEST! Our son can count over 200, he is reading site words, can spell and write – things I don’t remember doing until I was in 2nd grade. If you are in need of a great school in Stone Mountain area, KRK on Old Tucker Road is the place – you will fall in love with Mrs. Laura, Mrs. Jessica and all the staff.
A. Wilson – GA

Great School from Top to Bottom
My son has been enrolled in this Kids R Kids location since August 2006. As our 4th daycare in the Atlanta area, we were ready for something wonderful for our son. KRK has provided outstanding care in each of the different classes he has been through. The love for and nurturing of the students is evident from the entire school staff. The owners take pride in the services they provide and are very involved with the children. I would recommend this KRK location to anyone who needs superior care, a reasonable price, and the peace of mind that their child will be well-prepared for school. A+++++ PS – My now 5-year-old son loves this school. He talked about wanting to be at school rather than on vacation. And he has also told me that he wants his kids to go to KRK.
L. Hargrove – GA

A great place.
We have been at this school for more than 1 year and really like it. Affordable, well maintained school with friendly staff and great teachers.
J.Hines – GA

My son loves it!
I`ve never seen anything like it. I took my son with me during the tour and he didn`t want to leave. Nicest, cleanest, most vibrant learning environment in the area. Highly recommend it.
J. Johnson – GA

Nice Learning Program
Hi, if you have a 2 year old you must visit this school and see what a great job Ms. Ann is doing. I have never seen anything like it two year olds who are just so engrossed in learning.
J. Anderson – GA