Mountain Park Academy & Learning Center understands the important role that educational experiences play in the success of your children as they develop and grow. It is our goal to provide infant education, toddler learning and preschool curriculum that are designed to meet your child’s needs in an age appropriate way and help to prepare them for the school years to come. Our early childhood learning center represent the very best of what the Georgia day care industry has to offer.

We strive to provide a loving and caring atmosphere for infants. Infant education is pursued using soft toys, colorful books and music that enriches the surrounding environment. Your infant is naturally curious, and we encourage that curiosity through the activities we provide.

Toddlers are learning at a rapid rate, and through their actions are getting better at problem solving, understanding language and more. We provide an environment in which these skills can continue to develop naturally, and in which your child can become an individual. Ours is a wonderful environment for toddler learning, and as a parent you’ll be kept informed at all times as your child navigates this wonderful age.

The twos get a bad rap, because at this age your little one is really starting to engage and explore the world around them. The educational toys and materials we provide helps to spark this nature desire to explore, and through the activities we provide your child will learn the skills of independence, a very important skill set moving forward. We encourage interaction in activities that include book reading aloud, nursery rhymes and singing songs. All of these activities are fun and enjoyable that encourage participation and your two-year old’s development.

Our preschool curriculum is one you’ll feel confident in choosing for your child. The preschool learning activities we choose are ones that will teach your child at the level and age they are act, so that they can develop without growing up to fast. At the preschool age children are making friends and sharing the fun of learning with other children. Our teachers are committed to the nurturing and encouragement of your child as he/she develops through preschool math classes, music activities for children and more. Such support allows their try personalities and learning abilities to flourish in a natural way.

Examples of areas of interest you’ll find in our Learning Centers include:

  • Art
    Touching, feeling, pulling, twisting, tearing, pasting, bending, scraping, cutting, pounding, shaping, and working with a variety of art media are all incorporated into our Art learning center. Art is at its core a hands-on activity, and we encourage this approach so that your child can learn develop their motor skills and observational skills, increase their logical thinking and cultivate relationships.
  • Circle Time
    Circle Time starts off the day here and it is a time of expression and opinons. Storytelling, singing songs, show and tell and matching games all take center stage here, as does your child’s opportunity to express themselves through both the written and spoken word. Circle Time with their peers is a great way for children to sharpen their social skills while still forging the individuality that makes them unique.
  • Blocks 
    Children love to play with building blocks, and this is one activity that can play an important role in their development. Hand-eye coordination, hand, wrist and finger control, math skills and problem solving skills all advance through the trial and error process of playing with blocks. Blocks are one of the most popular items in our Learning Centers because the represent such a fun and challenging way to learn and grow.
  • Music
    Music helps your child to build awareness by listening and learning to recognizing many kinds of sounds. Furthermore, the sense of release and freedom music elicits promotes body movement.  It’s all about expressing oneself and having fun, and few things are more fun than engaging in music.
  • Dramatic Play
    This part of our Learning Center has all the tools a child needs for a good round of make believe! Imaginations expand with the help of dress-up clothing, child-sized furniture and other props. Children will learn to share, make friend and express themselves via the power of imagination. One of the many wonderful things about our dramatic play sessions is that through this process children actually can learn and improve valuable life skills.
  • Science
    Scientific principles are always on display in this area of our Learning Center through the use of hands on, real life activities. Science is all about discovery and helping children to learn more about the world at large. Living things and tools such as magnets, magnifiers,binoculars water play are all put to good use in the pursuit of science-based fun and adventure.
  • Math
    Our preschool math curriculum will teach your child sorting and counting skills, how to put things in order and much, much more. These basic math skills are wonderful tools in the development of problem solving skills. Here your child will learn to differentiate between big and little, large and small and same and different through basic math activities.

No matter which area of our Learning Center your child is in, he or she will be helped, motivated and encouraged by their teachers as they learn to think and see the world in different ways.